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events and pricing

Image by Tevin Trinh

social events

You have a dream. We make it come true. No matter the size or occasion, we’re prepared so you can focus on what counts. Whether you need us to plan a concert, festival, fair, or college event, we can create an unforgettable experience! 

Schedule a consultation today to see how you can make your next event, ELITE. 

Image by Isaac Del Toro

family events

When it comes to your event, the keyword is you. Your event should be as unique as you are, no matter the occasion. From weddings to family reunions, our event storytellers completely cater to your vision. 

Make your family’s special engagement ELITE.


Schedule a consultation today to see what our event planners can do for you!

Image by Marten Bjork

corporate events

With your busy schedule, event planning is the last thing you want to do. Leave it up to us!  Professional and dynamic, our aim is to facilitate and experience that helps you achieve your desired outcome.  Fundraisers, conferences, product launches—oh my!  Our event management team can do it all.  Really.  

Schedule a consultation today to see how to make your next corporate event, ELITE.  

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